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its 2 in the morning here in bc and i just finished a 1900 word long essay on why the taming of the shrew is a tragedy and misogynistic so i am proud of myself
I'm at a low point in my life where I feel like school has beaten the imagination out of me.
I'm trying to read a book and there aren't any pictures appearing in my head.
I'm depressed.
parents please stop bringing your five year old's to movies and then ignoring them when they start running through the aisle's making loud noises
some of us would like to watch the movie without being disrupted
I currently have at least one OC for each of the following fandoms:
Iron Man/Avengers
The Hobbit 
Lord of the Rings (not developed fully yet)
Disney's Descendants
Maximum Ride (mostly graphic novel-based)

if any of you would like to hear about them, just let me know! 
i need to know if any of my followers watched/read The Lord of the Rings and loved Boromir as much as i did 
Originally from here: Disney descendants's OC sheet

(some questions were removed because I didn't think they were important, but most were kept) (some questions were placed in a different place)


Full Name: Princess Elizabeth (why the hell doesn't anybody other than Carlos have a last name)

Short name(s): Beth, or Betty

Middle name(s) if they have any): Joan

Gender: Female

Gender Identity: Female

Pronouns: Your Highness She, Her

Sexual orientation: "That is a good question." - Elizabeth

Age: 16

Personality: Smart, feminist, salty, kind, sassy, determinated, frustrated easily, does not really see good or evil, massive inferiority complex

Mother: Queen Belle

Father: King Beast

Sibling(s): King/Prince Ben

Good or Bad: "Good"

Raised Good or bad: Good


Physical: Tall (for a caucasian woman), tan skin, muscular, slender
Scars or birthmarks: Freckles, a scar from when the bone in her left leg broke skin when she was playing tourney, a scar on her right arm when she fell out of a tree when she was seven
Hair style: Low ponytail, or a braid
Hair color: light brown
Hair length: Torso length
Eye color: Hazel
Eye shape: Round
Face shape: Diamond shaped
Weight: 145 lbs
Height: 5'6"

Do they have:

Glasses: No
Contacts: No
Hearing problems: Listening problems, yes. Actual hearing problems, no.
Hearing aids: No
Do they use Magic: Nope
Do they have weapons: Her fists, her feet, her words, her fencing sword, her tourney stick

How do they dress: Always a combo of purple and some shade of turquoise. She usually wears a turquoise flannel over a t-shirt. Her outfits usually involve sneakers, converse or sandals, shorts or pants and rarely skirts, t-shirts or tank tops, and as of recently, Persy's scarf. 
Family day wear: A black sundress with a royal purple flower design, and Persy's light green scarf draped around her shoulders. Also, purple sandals. 
School: Auradon Prep
Favorite colors: Purple and Turquoise
Favorite food: Chocolate cake / sweet and sour pork
Pet(s): None, unless you count the horse she rents from the school stables, Thor
Job: She works at a flower shop run by Flora (the red fairy from Sleeping Beauty) called "Flora's Flowers".

Contract(s): ??? what does this even mean?

Likes: Running / jogging, tourney, fencing, flowers, equestrianism, reading, Persy, dogs, history, swimming, hugs, Persy's scarf and trenchcoat, nighttime, her friends, her brother, purple, trees, butterflies, Evil History podcasts, rock music, mythology
Dislikes: Being skipped over despite being the older twin, sexism, snobs, most of her teachers, her parents sometimes, the idea of "evil vs good", being ignored, cats who are jerks, spiders, cucumbers, cheese, sparkling drinks 
Favorite thing to do: Running / Jogging, working at the flower shop
Place to be: In the flower shop, in the school library
Favorite books: Evil: A HistoryThe Book of QueensSmashing the PatriarchyThe People's History of Auradon, Mythology of Auradon, Tournament of Thrones, King of the Circlets

Friends: Audrey, Lonnie, Jane, the Rotten Four, Persy
Best friend: Ben, Persy, Jane, Lonnie, Audrey (bc people can have more than one best friend)(listed Ben first because he's her best best friend)
Enemies: Maleficent
acquaintances: Chad Charming

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Persy, son of Hades and Persephone

Lives: Auradon City, USA

Skills: Swimming, fencing, horse riding, running/jogging, reading, a lot of physical activities 
Strengths: Physical strength, agility, kindness, intelligence
Weakness: Inferiority complex, issues with her parents, 

Roommate: Audrey and Jane

- Twelve minutes older than her twin, Ben
- Although she's twelve minutes older than her brother Ben, she isn't going to be Queen of Auradon because she's a female and Auradon has rules against that unless there's no other heir 
- Isn't angry at her brother about this - he doesn't like it either - she's angry with her parents for being so trapped in their old ways they can't bring themselves to even think about changing anything
- Raised to be a perfect princess like her brother was raised to be a perfect prince and eventual King
- Did not care for this at all. Instead started doing sports like fencing, tourney, horse-riding, swimming, running, and gymnastics.
- Became friends with Audrey and Jane at a really early age and they're still friends to this day. She keeps Audrey grounded, and helps Jane with her self-esteem. (she isn't really all that helpful because Jane is always like "Of course YOU'D say that, you're gorgeous, and you're a princess" but she does her best)
- When she went into High School she immediately tried out for every sport there was to try out for, except for cheerleading, because that's Audrey's place to shine.
- She's only not on the tourney team because there isn't a girls team and they wouldn't allow her on the boys team. She got onto the swimming team, the track and field team, the fencing team, and the equestrian team. 
- Started working at Flora's Flowers when she was fourteen. 
- The Villain Kids came to Auradon when she was almost sixteen. She was literally the ONLY person who was 100% supportive of her brother's decision.
- Met Persy when he wandered into Flora's Flowers. 
- And a bunch of other stuff happened after that.


Full Name: Persy

Short name(s): Percy (what everyone calls him)

Middle name(s) if they have any): No middle name

Gender: Male

Gender Identity: Male

Pronouns: He, Him

Sexual orientation: Elizabeth-sexual, Elizabeth-romantic
Age: 16 (physically)

Personality: Sweet, stoic, snarky, awkward, loving, scary when you piss him off, does not see good or evil, REALLY hates King Beast and the Fairy Godmother

Mother: Persephone, Goddess of Spring

Father: Hades, God of Wealth and the Underworld

Sibling(s): None

Good or Bad: "Good"

Raised Good or bad: NEITHER


Physical: Tall, willowy
Scars or birthmarks: None
Hair style: Half ponytail
Hair color: Bright red
Hair length: Torso length
Eye color: Bright green
Eye shape: Almond
Face shape: Heart-shaped
Weight: 151 lbs
Height: 6"

Do they have:

Glasses: No
Contacts: No
Hearing problems: No.
Hearing aids: No
Do they use Magic: Yes. He can travel by shadows (shadow traveling), turn invisible and melt into the shadows like his dad can, and just vanish on the spot (which leaves behind the scent of flowers and a small flower where he was standing) (basically like Bunny from RotG)
Do they have weapons: He has fire powers like his dad does.

How do they dress: Black pants and a long black trenchcoat all the time, his sweater underneath is hot pink, his t-shirt is light pink, his scarf is light green, his shoes are black sneakers, and he wears flowers in his hair. (flowers and t-shirt change every day)
Family day wear: The exact same thing, except minus the sweater and scarf. His hair is braided, with daisies.
School: Auradon Prep
Favorite colors: Black and pastel colours.
Favorite food: Blackberries, strawberries, Spanakopita
Pet(s): Cerberus.
Job: None.

Contract(s): ??? what does this even mean?

Likes: Flowers, shadows, Elizabeth, Cerberus, dogs, autumn and winter, black, tea, pastel colours, talking with his ghost friends, his trenchcoat and scarf, shadow-travelling, melting into the darkness, vanishing, kittens, rain, hugs, fire, nighttime, stars, the dark, pomegranates, ladybugs, reading
Dislikes: People who cheat death, people who think his father is evil, mosquitoes, aphids, people who believe only in "good and evil", coffee, candy, mean people, thunder and lightning, Zeus, people who think his father is the God of Death (because he's not, that's Thanatos, Hades is the God of the Underworld and Wealth)
Favorite thing to do: Play with Cerberus
Place to be: Flora's Flowers, with Elizabeth
Favorite books: The Book of the Dead, Tournament of Thrones, King of the Circlets, The Big Book of Cats and Dogs, Mythology of Auradon, The Book of Queens

Friends: His ghost friends, the Rotten Four
Best friend: Elizabeth, Cerberus
Enemies: Henry and Meredith (Hercules and Megara's kids), King Beast, Zeus, Fairy Godmother
acquaintances: Chad Charming

Boyfriend/girlfriend: Elizabeth, daughter of Beauty and the Beast

Lives: the Underworld; Auradon City, USA

Skills: Can grow flowers, rejuvenate plants, has a green thumb, reading, quiet, magic
Strengths: Intelligence, snark, is literally terrifying to anyone who pisses him off
Weakness: Is kind of awkward with normal human beings, DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO DEAL WITH ROMANCE

Roommate: No one. No one could handle being the roommate of the God of Death's son. ("MY DAD IS THE GOD OF THE UNDERWORLD, EDUCATE YOURSELVES YOU HALF-WITS.")

Born at an unknown time, but before the forming of the United States of Auradon, to Persephone and Hades
- Grew up in the Underworld, with the Furies and Cerberus and his parents, but also got to visit the Above World with his mom and sometimes his dad
- Had to stay in the Underworld and/or the Isle of the Lost after the Villains were banished to the Isle, because they couldn't trap Hades on the island (being a literal god and all), but refused to allow him to leave the Underworld and if he did he couldn't leave the Isle.
- Remained in the Underworld with his family and half of the time his Mom.
- Occassionally went up to the Isle, if only to see how the humans were doing. Helped out as much as he could, since his powers were limited by the Magic Barrier. 
- Got invited to Auradon along with the Rotten Four
- Technically he's teamed up with the Rotten Four by Maleficent to get the Magic Wand, but doesn't really care all that much. Like, if he could get the ban on his dad lifted, GREAT, but he doesn't care about getting the other villains out. Get the kids out, fine. 
- Also he was raised by good parents and a good family and so isn't so focused on proving himself to his dad.
- Anyway, he went to Auradon and everyone realized that since the Villain Kids arrived, the school grounds have been looking better. 
- Wandered off one day, and found Flora's Flowers.
- Met Elizabeth.
- And a bunch of other stuff happened after that.


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Artist | Student | Literature
Hello, people of DeviantArt. If I have favourited any of your work, it's because I loved it, liked it, or just didn't want to lose it in the bowels of DeviantArt. And, don't be surprised if I fave your work but don't comment. ^^; I do that a lot.

I cannot draw very well, so I don't post any drawings - unless they are abstract and made in Deviantart Muro. Or a screenshot from a movie and I edited it in Deviantart Muro.


I also ship the friendship between the group in Arata the Legend/Arata Kangatari more than I've ever shipped any friendship in any other fandom, ever.

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